welcome: a message from Judah Friedman

Judah Friedman  

Welcome to our fourth issue of Azalea Orthopedics. This issue is devoted to keeping “you out there,” which is this year’s focus at our medical practice. Our bones, joints, and nerves take a beating every day, and our goal as an orthopedic practice is to keep you doing the things you love to do!

As you will see in our articles, we believe strongly in staying active while allowing you to be in control of your own health care choices.

As we get older our bodies begin to show signs of aging both inside and outside. Unfortunately, when it is on the inside, we cannot see the damage that may be occurring, but there are signs. Inside this issue, these signs are addressed in a way that will inform and assist you in enhancing not only the number of years in your life, but also the quality of life as you age.

It’s all part of Azalea Orthopedics’ commitment to being proactive in sharing healthy living tips with you in a preventative way so you can enhance your quality of life and spend more time with those you love.


John F. Walker, MD
John F. Walker, MD
President, Azalea Orthopedics

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