lettter from the editor: living life as an in-betweener

Letter from the Editor

Living life as an in-betweener
I'll squeeze in working out between work and cooking dinner

Recent years have brought forward a new generation to replace the ranks of the baby boomers — Generation X. Many of these boomers, who are retiring at increasing rates, are now enjoying the fruits of their lifelong cares and labors.

Along with the late boomers, the Gen Xers are beginning to carry the economic and family responsibilities once shouldered by the boomers. Dedicated to their professions and staying incredibly busy, the Gen Xers often carry the cares of two generations — their children and their parents. They are part of the “in-betweeners” or “the sandwich generation.” Many work out at the gym or jog, but most are too exhausted to be committed to a regular exercise program. As they gulp down hamburgers and sodas from the fast food drive-in, they resolve to take better care of their health — TOMORROW.

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Because I confessed to you in the last issue that I have gracefully moved into my 40s, I believe we have moved to a new level in our editor/reader relationship. As I read the stories in this issue, I must admit that my heart started beating a little faster. I think it comes from the fact that I have one more THING to think about — my health.

On the outside I look like I have it all — great job, great family, and a nice house. But if you were to spend time with me, you would know that there is jelly on my jacket and lunches left in the car by my 4- and 8-year-old. That’s just the beginning. As I sit here typing, I am trying to remember if the family dental appointments are today or next week. (I will deal with that later.)

If those small worries don’t connect with you, what about your mortgage payment, the recession, and the Social Security we have been paying into that won’t be there when we need it? Or the health care crisis, the current political confusion, and the price of gas and milk?
As a Gen Xer, like most of the in-betweeners, I am often overwhelmed by all the tasks I must do, the miles I must drive (at the cost of gasoline today), and the family needs I must meet. I take care, as best I can, of the health care needs of my children. And if there is any time left over I will, if pushed, look at my own health care needs.

I have to say, my back does hurt a little, and my Blackberry thumb does tend to bother me while typing or texting for long periods of time. And my knees are starting to crack after bending down a hundred times a day to pick up toys and clothes. Other than that it’s all carefree.

So, what I do ask is that while you read our magazine that encourages you to exercise more, eat right, and take care of the bones, joints, and nerves in your body, understand that we, too, at Azalea Orthopedics, know that life is stressful. Attempting to care for yourself is sometimes last on the list, but in the long run, it will have more return than your Medicare reimbursement.

I think it’s time to check the dental appointment, the soccer schedule, homework, school clothes, and dinner. I should be done around 10 tonight. That’s when I can exercise. Or maybe I’ll just worry about that TOMORROW!

Leslie Fossey

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